Jewels for sport lovers and iron ladies

Second Round is the name of Luca Cantarelli’s first gender neutral jewelry collection.  The line comprises 12 sports inspired pieces, handcrafted in Italy using sterling silver, colorful enamel  and precious stones.  The name of the collection honors the designer’s life and reinvention upon moving to Milan to follow his dreams.

Second Round stands for both the designer’s second chance as well as Italy’s second chance after the Pandemic lockdown.  The collection embodies two of Luca’s passions: modernisms and sportswear or athleisure.  These elements fuse together to create a groundbreaking collection with strong visuals.

Hoops and stud earrings, pendants, tag bracelets, cocktail rings or chevalier; all jewelry is gender neutral and cross generational.  The dominant colors of the sterling silver collection are vibrant blue, white and black enamel, with touches of green, yellow and red from the precious and natural stones.

The production follows the highest standards of craftsmanship, with a local manufacturer operating in Valenza since 1947. Sterling silver is obtained by reclaimed silver; enamels are applied by hand using an old technique, the piece is fired and is then polished until smooth.  We source our gems directly from the miners cutting out any third party in order to verify their ethical standards. The natural stones include sapphires, quartz, malachite, garnet.

Evoking a second round of a sports event, the collection not only symbolizes the designer’s new beginning but the second chances we might all have in our lives.

A special thanks to Fabiana Giacomotti for her complimentary contribution.