Enchanting beauty at all ages

The new capsule collection signed by Luca Cantarelli is dedicated to the signs of time, to being proud of who we are and what defines us by shaping our personality.

A genderless collection of five pieces characterised by a unique design in pendants, earrings and chevalier rings. An interplay of volumes and lines in which the brand’s distinctive elements find a new form. 925 silver, coloured enamels and natural stones combine in balances that are as rigorous as they are spontaneous.

The most representative piece of the collection is the FIERCE chevalier ring, an object with a design full of character, evocative of forms that refer to the concept of the collection. Bold volumes project the shape upwards, recalling the silhouette of a podium; the voids filled by the enamels draw a central band that wraps around the design, dividing it into two reflected and identical halves, almost as if it were a mirror. On the sides, the aligned stones in degradé recall the idea of an hourglass, where the passing of time takes form.

Campaign images, taken with a group of the designer’s friends in their forties to seventies, reinforce the collection’s meaning, revealing joy and pride in ourselves, always.

A special thanks to Carlo, Manuel, Paolo B, Paolo N, Stefano for their complimentary contribution