The way to ensure durability and a fresh newness for a long time in your silver jewellery is to make sure to wear them quite often, as it starts to naturally and quickly tarnish when it’s frequently exposed to oxygen and the oil on your skin prevents it from tarnishing.

Any contact with perfumes/ cosmetics and chemicals may cause discolouration to semi precious metals and enamels.

When it comes to storing silver jewellery, make sure to keep it in airtight bags and slip in a piece of tissue paper if possible. If you have to clean silver, use a jewellery polishing cloth. Gemstones can be cleaned by washing the items in lukewarm water and drying them in a non-abrasive cloth.

We cannot be responsible for any damage due to negligence. Damage caused by general wear and tear is the responsibility of the owner.

Missing gemstones are not classed as manufacturing faults if outside the 14 day return policy. However we can replace missing gemstones after this time at a small repair fee where ever possible.